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A Visit to Local Craft Shops


See a more colorful side of Shimosuwa Town on this course! The discriminating connoisseurs and creative craftsmen all agree: Shimosuwa is great and comfortable place to be! The area has many kinds of unique shops run by locals and new transplants to the area, as well as atelier studios opened by skilled craftsmen. Who knows—you might meet some interesting local characters while you’re here!

total timeabout 3 hours

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    Bappa 4.5 & Layer Architects Works

  • 02

    Anzu Mokkobo

  • 03

    Sumire Yousaiten

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Bappa 4.5 & Layer Architects Works

A 4.5-tatami-mat space called Bappa (the former name of the area). It has a permanent selection of dishes and tools as well as limited time displays. Attached is the architecture design firm Layer Architects. A popular firm, it performs many renovations both in and out of town.

Address :5496-23 Kamibappa, Shimosuwa Town, Suwa District

Phone :0266-78-3847

徒歩 6 minutes
  • Anzu Mokkobo


Anzu Mokkobo

A wood workshop with a small gallery space. Products sold here are made by hand, one by one. In addition to selling cheerful wooden bowls and cutlery, the shop also does furniture repairs.

In the back of the studio is the workshop, and through the door’s window you can get a glimpse into how it’s all made.

>>See Homepage of Anzu Mokkobo

Address :3236 Mitamachi, Shimosuwa Town, Suwa District

Phone :0266-28-3106

徒歩 3 minutes


Sumire Yousaiten

Including dress redesign and orders, this atelier/shop also sells craft materials. The interior space itself is full of charm and feels like a work of art. Everywhere you look, you’ll find items that pique your interest, so much so that you’ll lose track of time as you gaze at its many wares.

Address :3210 Kinoshita, Shimosuwa Town, Suwa District

Phone :0266-27-8386

徒歩 1 minutes



This store’s owner is a woman of many talents, active as a photographer, graphic designer and magazine distributor. In front of the store is an unmanned shop with all kinds of goods such as dishware and other small articles. You’re sure to enjoy taking a look, even if you’re just window shopping!

徒歩 2 minutes
  • ninjinsan



A used tool shop operating out of a renovated storage shed. Including furniture and dishware, it also sells Jomon Period items such as shards of earthenware pots and arrowheads! The shop is filled to the brim with products carefully selected by the owner. He loves to chat and has quite a few fans! If you pay the shop a visit, you’re sure to dig up something worthwhile.

Address :3190-14 Mitamachi, Shimosuwa Town, Suwa District

Phone :070-1456-2223