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Jiunji Temple

A temple built for the protection of Harumiya

Built for the purpose of protecting Harumiya Shrine from evils, Jiunji Temple was founded in 1300 by the Kanasashi clan, who were priests for Suwa Taisha Shimosha and among the first to adopt Zen Buddhism that was the newest form of Buddhism at the time. This temple is affiliated with the Myoshinji Temple of the Rinzai school. It was closely associated with Shingen Takeda, and the seals of both Takeda’s rhombus and the leaves of paper mulberry can be found within the main hall. Photographers are particular fans of Jiunji Temple for its photogenic properties such as a moss-covered approach, the historic temple gate, the Tenkei pine tree, the rock garden within the temple grounds, and the garden found in the back of the temple premises.


Price Free
Address 606 in Higashimachinaka, Shimosuwa Town
Phone 0266-27-8171
Parking lot Available