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Venture to Lake Suwa!

Oka no Wa of Akasunasaki Park

A standard course for first-time visitors to Shimosuwa! After walking around town, you’ll walk for about 20 minutes to the shore of Lake Suwa—a great route that we recommend to those with the stamina to stretch their legs even farther.

total timeabout 3 hours

  • 01

    Lunch around Lake Suwa

  • 02

    Walking Along the Shore

  • 03

    Rest at a Footbath at AQUA Mirai or Yutanpo

  • Eel at Kobayashi

  • Bistrot Ça Marche

  • Soba noodle and Karaage at Tonneruya

  • Home cooking dishes at 1093


Lunch around Lake Suwa

There are so many restaurants along the shore of Lake Suwa, it can be hard to decide where to go. One recommendation is Kitchen Mamu, which sells deli-style side dishes by weight as well as bento boxes. You can eat in at the shop or take them to go. For a taste of unagi (eel), visit Kobayashi, where they baste eel in a secret sauce and grill it to perfection. Bistrot Ça Marche is a Western-style restaurant utilizing seasonal ingredients. Tonneruya is a soba restaurant known, of course, for its soba noodles, as well as its karaage (fried chicken). Visit 1093 (read: tokusan) for a taste of home cooking—nutritious meals that will leave you feeling full and satisfied.

徒歩 3 minutes
  • Oka no Wa of Akasunasaki Park

  • Akasunasaki Park

  • Lake Suwa


Walking Along the Shore

Lake Suwa has a circumference of approximately 16 kilometers and straddles the borders of Shimosuwa Town, Suwa City and Okaya City. It is the largest body of water in Nagano, and from here you can even see Mt. Fuji. On the lake, you can enjoy activities such as canoeing, smelt-fishing, and amphibious bus rides!

徒歩 3 minutes
  • Foot bath of AQUA Mirai

  • Yutanpo also has beautiful Foot bath


Rest at a Footbath at AQUA Mirai or Yutanpo

A new boathouse, called AQUA Mirai, was completed in April of 2020. At the footbath in front of the building, you can relax while enjoying front-and-center views of Lake Suwa. Yutanpo (Takahama Health and Hot Spring Center) is a hot spring facility that opened on the shore of the lake in April of 2014, and to the side of the facility you’ll find a footbath as well. These lesser-known spots are great places to leisurely soak and relax!