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Yashima Wetlands

A special natural monument and the oldest high-altitude wetlands in Japan

Yashima Wetlands can be found along the Venus Line at an altitude of 1,630 meters. It is thought the wetlands have existed for more than 12,000 years, making them the oldest high-altitude wetlands in all of Japan. They have even been designated as a special natural monument, thanks in part to the wide variety of rare flora and fauna that can be seen only here. The area’s Japanese azaleas and daylilies bloom in profusion in June and July, respectively, making for a nice visual treat. After making your way through the marshlands, we highly recommend visiting some of the trails that lead into the surrounding mountains.

The municipal visitor center Azamikan is located just next to Yashimagahara Wetlands and is used as a base for hiking and observing nature. Exhibits and seasonal images share the latest information on Yashimagahara Wetlands with visitors. Click here for more information.


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Address 193 Yashimashitsugen, Shimosuwa Town
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