A Japanese-style inn with high-quality natural hot springs

After entering the tasteful lattice door, guests will be treated to a gorgeous lobby. Every room and bath found within the facility is well cleaned and sanitary, meaning guests can enjoy comfortably spend their time here.
The attention to detail can even be felt in the beautifully designed baskets and yukata given to guests who ask for a bath set. At Gingetsu, guests will be pleased with the kindness and politeness that embodies “omotenashi,” or hospitality.
The natural hot springs here are sourced from none other than Wata no Yu, and the gentle water is excellent for the skin.
The building was once a restaurant in the early 20th century, but they have carried on their delicious culinary traditions that boast deep flavors crafted with local, seasonal ingredients and highly skilled cooks.
Active and young, the energetic proprietress here is brimming with knowledge about Shimosuwa and would be happy to entertain any questions that guests may have.


Business days Open year-round
Price From 16,500 yen (excluding tax)
Address 3304 Tatemachi, Shimosuwa Town
Phone 0266-27-5011
Parking lot Available