On’yado Maruya

A modern inn with an old-timey feel

On’yado Maruya boasts a lengthy history and was founded in the Edo Period (1603-1867) as a former wakihonjin when Shimosuwa was still a post town. The beautifully restored wooden architecture of the wakihonjin and hatago gives off a sense of time and peace that reflects the olden days of Shimosuwa. Baths here can be reserved and enjoyed privately, and the water comes directly from a hot spring source. The refreshing and high-quality water will warm you to your core and soothe your body. Guests will get a sense of what a hatago was like while enjoying the famous hot springs and the local flavors of the season. The Maruya Kogeiten, a craft shop, displays and sells unique crafted works found both within and outside of Japan. Meanwhile, guests who don’t stay at the inn can stop by Sabo Madoka, a Japanese-style cafe, for a quick break during their trip.


Business days Irregular
Price From 22,000 yen (excluding tax)
Address 3304 Tatemachi, Shimosuwa Town
Parking lot Available