Tekkosen Honkan

An inn with purely Japanese-style architecture that reminds visitors of post town Shimosuwa

All the atmosphere of Shimosuwa’s days as a post town is captured in this traditional Japanese inn that has been operating for over a hundred years. Tekkosen Honkan was originally a restaurant, and as such it continues to pride itself on its cooking. Homemade vinegar miso is used to make carp Kanroni (boiled fish that have been sweetened), while fresh highland vegetables, edible wild plants, mushrooms, and other blessings found in Nagano’s nature are used to create delectable local dishes. Basashi (raw horse meat), one of Nagano’s specialties, is also on the menu here. A bathtub finished with Wakakusaishi (stone material) is also available for guests 24 hours of the day. The water flows directly from a hot spring source and is somewhat warm. Drop in for a bath and relax whenever you like.


Business days Open year-round
Price From 13,200 yen (excluding tax)
Address 3437 Shimosuwa Town
Phone 0266-27-8063
Parking lot Available