A truly historic ryokan with over three hundred years of history that captures a lost elegance

This long-established ryokan has been operating for more than three hundred years and is the oldest among all of the inns within Shimosuwa. The proprietress’s generous hospitality is sure to warm the spirits of travelers who stay here. Moreover, the luxurious and elegant construction of this building erected long ago carries a certain appeal no longer found in modern times.
The source of the hot springs here is Wata no Yu, which is sure to make visitors’ skin feel soft and smooth.
Jippensha Ikku and Hiroshige Ando, who are well-known via the comic picaresque novel “Tokaidochu Hizakurige,” and other historical figures are known to have stayed at this inn and created some of their works.


Business days Open year-round
Price From 16,500 yen (excluding tax)
Address 3526 Tatemachi, Shimosuwa Town
Phone 0266-27-8024
Parking lot Available