Suwa Taisha Shrine

“Suwa Taisha” is the generic name of 4 shrines(Kamisha Maemiya, Honmiya, Shimosha Akimiya, Harumiya) surrounded by the Lake Suwa and one of the most ancient shrines in Japan. These 4shrines are head shrine of Suwa Taisha shrine which spreads all over Japan.
Characteristics of Suwa Taisha is that there is no symbol to worship inside of the shrine. Akimiya Shrine’ s object to worship is yew tree and cedar for Harumiya Shrine. The building without main symbol is the typical ancient style of Japanese shrine and Suwa Shrine remains the style of the ancient way. Suwa Taisha Shrine has been worshiped from ancient time as the guardian spirit of wind, water and also worshiped as the god to pray for abundant crop and fortune of war.
In a present time, so many people visit Suwa Taisha Shrine for worshiping as a god of life origin.