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Schlegel Green Frogs

We can hardly see them but frogs inherent to Japan named Schlegel Green Frogs inhabit this Wetland.
The grand chorus of the frogs can be heard annually from May to June.The frog chorus in this Wetland is featured in the list of “100 Choices of Japan’s Sound Scenery” recommended by the Ministry of the Environment.

Outline of the Area

Yashima Wetland, located in the northwest of Kirigamine Plateau, is the area the center of which is Yashimagahara Wetland designated as a national natural monument. In spring, the chirps of birds and songs of frogs can be heard, and in summer various flowers bloom.The marsh in autumn is colored beautifully with quietly red-tinted grasses, and in winter it is all covered with snow.

Yashimagahara Wetland

Yashimagahara Wetland is about 1,630 meters above sea level, 43.2 hectares in width, and 3.7 kilometers in area. It is a multilayered marsh.Dead plants have accumulated over the past 12,000 years to a height of 8.05 meters, forming the marsh as it is today.The surface of the marsh is covered with Sphagnum moss and plants particular to multilayered marshes grow all over.The promenade around the marsh is made of wood and benches are placed along the way. You can walk around it in about an hour and a half.

Kirigamine Highland

Kirigamine Highland is a plateau located northeast of Lake Suwa.Grass fields spread over most of the plateau of 3,000 hectares.These grass fields have been formed because they were used as pastures for a long time. More than 400 kinds of flowers bloom every year and birds seen in grasslands live here.

The Flora in Yashima Wetland

Yashima Wetland is a treasure trove of plants which are particular to a highland.
You can enjoy nature changing its appearance in each season on a large scale.

Day lily (JUL)
Kourinka flower (JUL)
Scabious (AUG)
Amadokoro (JUN)
Yanagiran (AUG)
Gunnaifuuro (JUN)
Kobaikeisou (JUL)
Wild thistle (JUL)
Iris (JUN)


Narita Airport ⇒ Narita Express ⇒ JR Shinjuku Sta. ⇒ Kamisuwa Sta. ⇒ Taxi(40min.) ⇒ Yashima Wetland

Kamisuwa Sta.(5min.in train) ⇒ Shimosuwa Sta. ⇒ Taxi(35min.) ⇒ Yashima Wetland